Parastatals supervised by the Department

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The General Service Department is the physical resource Management and Services provider of the Ministry.


Transport Administration

  1. Specifications and purchase of vehicles In conjunction with Procurement Department
  2. Registrations / Documentations of vehicles
  3. Allocation of vehicles
  4. Servicing/ Repair of vehicles
  5. General Supervisors of Ministry’s Drivers in line with extant regulations


  1. Functional electricity, water and wastes management by timely settlement of bill and repairs as they arise.

Stores Management

  1. Provision/Procurement of basic store items in conjunction with Procurement Department.
  2. Distribution of store items to Departments/Units for seamless operations of Department/Unit
  3. Ensuring equity, probity in the distribution of store items.
  4. Applying extant regulations to block wastage and pilfering by some compromised staff.

Facility Management

  1. Ensuring physical maintenance of offices.
  2. Ensuring cleanliness of inside and outside of the office complex.
  3. Ensuring that a well qualified and reputable cleaning outfit is enraged
  4. Designation of office manager to ensure proper supervision and feed backs.

Office Allocation

  1. Ensuring that staff are properly accommodated, thereby enhancing

Security Service

  1. Ensuring that offices and staff are properly secured.
  2. Posting of security Personnel’s to strategic positions in and around the office complex
  3. Making sure that the remunerations, welfare of the security personnel’s are promptly paid.
  4. Provision of working materials for the security personnel’s e.g. Torch Light, Uniforms etc.