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The Human Resources Management Department is one of the Common Services departments. It acts as the Secretariat of the Ministry’s Management Committees as well as the coordinators of all personnel matters, both in the main Ministry and its Parastatals.


  • Appointment, Promotion and Discipline of Staff;
  • Staff Welfare and Training
  • Establishments and Records;
  • Pension Matters;
  • Secretariat of the Ministry’s Management Committees;
  • Preparation of Annual Manpower budget and Staff Audit;
  • Ensures that Circulars are promptly distributed to all concerned and the contents of the circulars complied with;
  • Representation on the Unified Pension Scheme Boards of trustee (BOT) meetings in the Parastatals under the Ministry;
  • Secretariat of the Ministry’s SSC and JSC;
  • Participation at the Committees on Personnel Matters in Parastatals under the Ministry; and
  • The Registry (Open and Secret)
  • Ad-Hoc Assignments as many be referred to the Department Industrial Relations matters
  • Liaise with other relevant bodies outside the ministry: OHCSF, OSGF, FCSC, National Planning Commission, Federal Character Commission e.t.c.


The Department of Human Resources Management is divided into two Divisions for the effective discharge of its functions, that is:

  • Appointment, Promotion and Discipline Division;and
  • Staff Welfare and Training Division

In addition, it oversees Appointment, Promotion and Discipline Division

The APD is headed by a Deputy Director reporting to the Director, Human Resources Management. Presently the Division is headed by DD(APD).

(a) Appointment and Promotion (Senior Staff)

  • It handles promotion and appointment of Senior Officers on GL.07 – GL.13 for non-pool officers in the Ministry,
  • It deals with promotion, appointment and issues affecting senior officers which might be referred to the Ministry from our Parastatals. The unit also handles petitions of Senior Staff from the Parastatals.

(b) Appointment and Promotion (Junior Staff)

  • It handles promotion and appointment of junior officers on GL.01 to GL.06
  • It also deals with issue of Junior Officers which might be referred to the Ministry by our Parastatals.

(c) Establishment and Records Unit:

This Unit is charged with the compilation of scheduled returns on Personnel Matters of submission to the Office of the Head of Service hence, preparation of Manpower Budgets, nominal rolls, personnel emolument are part of their schedules. The unit also prepares variation advice, and annual leave (vacation) matters.

(d) Registry Unit:

The Unit is responsible for the dispatch of Ministry’s letters/documents within and outside the country. Open and Secret files are in their custody. The Unit also manages policy files and ensures quick retrieval of all files from time to time.

(e) Discipline Unit:

Process queries and representations from affected officers in the Ministry.

(f) Management Meeting:

Management meeting of the Ministry comes up twice in a month while there is a weekly meeting of Permanent Secretary with Directors.

The Staff Welfare and Training Division is headed by a Deputy Director reporting to the Director, Human Resources Management. Presently, the Division is headed by a Deputy Director.

The Division is responsible for:

  • All Industrial Relations matters of the ministry as well as the Research Institutes under the aegis of the Ministry;
  • Sports matters;
  • Processing of 28 days allowances in lieu of Hotel Accommodation;
  • Loans for needy staff;
  • Staff identity cards;
  • Internal Security in the office as well as official residence of HMST and Permanent Secretary; and
  • Other matters relating to staff welfare generally.

The Training Unit of the Staff Welfare Division organizes all training programmes for staff. The Unit also recommends qualified staff for training programmes and workshops after careful examination of such requests in line with the approved programme. Technical Assistance support facilities are sourced through liaison with the National Planning Commission and other International Donor Agency broadly summarized, the Unit performs these functions: organizes, co-ordinates and examines all requests for training and staff development to ensure increased productivity and capacity building programmes to develop the skills needed to achieve higher effectiveness.

(a) Co-ordination

Annually, the Unit produces Training Budgets on the directives of the manpower and Development Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation. The training Budget incorporates all training programmes, workshop, Seminars, study visits and Overseas Training expected to be carried out every year. The cost implication of each item and likely duration are also stated in the budget document. The Training Budget is usually forwarded to the OHCSF and defended on a specific date. It is when the proposals are approved that the programme becomes a reference point.

(b) Organization of In-House Training

The Unit is expected to organize In-house courses for staff, like induction courses for newly recruited staff.

Junior Staff Committee (JSC)

The Junior Staff Committee (JSC) to the Ministry meets in line with the guideline on Appointments, Promotion and Discipline.

Senior Staff Committee (SSC)

The Senior Staff Committee (SSC) also met twice to conduct outstanding years 2007 and 2008 promotion interview for eligible senior officers.

There are 3 recognized Trade Unions in FMST. These are:

  • The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) is for officers on GL.07 and above
  • The Nigerian Civil Service Union (NCSU) is for officers on GL.01 – 06
  • The Nigerian Union of Secretaries, Stenographers, Typist and Allied Staff (NUCTSAS) is for Secretaries and Typists.

The Pension Section is an end-point section of the Ministry. It is regarded as an end-point section because its operation is mostly when a staff leaves the service and has benefit to be paid to him/her. The section headed by Mr. Inyang.

a.The Pension Section is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Processing of terminal benefits;
  • Requesting of necessary funds for the payment of gratuity to retirees of the Ministry;
  • Retirement of funds earlier granted to the Ministry for payment of its retirees gratuity;
  • Forwarding of documents for the retirees to be placed on pension pay-rolls; and
  • Follow-up activities on pension matters.

b.The Pension Section is also responsible for bi-annual meetings with Stakeholders and representatives of Parastatals, namely:

  • With FMST Parastatals convened under the Unified Pension Scheme. This meeting is sponsored by Niger Insurance Plc.; being the underwriters for the scheme;
  • With FMST Parastatals operating Independent Pension Schemes. This meeting was inaugurated in 2005 and had held only once. It is sponsored by Underwriters of the various pension schemes in turns.
  • The Head of Pension Section also serves as the Ministry’s Desk Officer on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which has the responsibility of ensuring complete registration of staff under the formal sector programme of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).