Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji, has said that for the Country to strive towards gender equality in Science, an enabling environment where women and girls will be empowered to pursue their passion for discovery and exploration be encouraged to break down barriers, challenges and stereotypes.

The Minister disclosed this at the commemoration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, held yesterday in Abuja.

Nnaji stated that the Theme of the event “Women and Girls in Science Leadership” a New Era for sustainability” underscores the pivotal roles women and girls play in shaping our Science Landscape.

He further said that women have always been at the forefront of Scientific discovery by pioneering Research to Innovative breakthrough towards progress to gender equality in STEM.

The Minister emphasized that the country cannot afford to overlook the vast potentials of our women and girls, stressing that the Country must ensure that their voice is heard and valued.
According to Nnaji, “the female population in Nigeria constitutes over 49%. That is almost half of our population. For this reason, we cannot afford to overlook the vast reservoirs of talent and potential of our women and girls. To harness the transformative power of Science and Technology, we must ensure that every voice, regardless of gender, is heard and valued”.
The Minister lamented that despite giant strides towards gender equality in STEM, which is the bedrock of innovation, women continue to be a minority and then called on young girls not to be deterred by stereotypes and barriers militating against exploring their full potentials, but rather strive towards greater heights in the STEM and society.
Nnaji reiterated Federal Government’s Renewed Hope in ensuring that gender equality in STEM is achieved in the Country
To this end, the Minister enjoined the women already blazing trails in the Science sector to ensure great support to aspiring female scientists achieve their dreams for the desired national development and humanity.

Atoura Obed O.
12th February, 2024