Overseeing Director: Mr. Ukpong Okon Roland

Mobile: (0803)-681-0150



  • National Board for Technology Incubation (NBTI), Abuja
  • Nigerian Institute for Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT), Ibadan



  1. Formulation of policies for the promotion and popularization of Science, Technology and Innovation  (STI) at all levels;
  2. Promotion of science culture in general and especially in rural areas and amongst women and children;
  3. Popularization of Science, Technology and Innovation through activities such as; Technology EXPO, Science, Technology & Innovation consultative Forum,  Science, Technology & Innovation Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars, Print and Electronic Media Programmes etc.
  4. Promotion of activities for the encouragement of indigenous science, technology and Innovation through merit awards, profiling of Nigerian scientists, Technologists and Innovators and commercialization of research results, inventions and innovations in collaboration with the Manufacturing, and other sectors to close Technology gaps;
  5. Gathering, processing documenting and disseminating scientific, technological and innovative information relevant to national development and security of persons and property;
  6. Publication and distribution of scientific, technological and innovative textual materials (S&T News, S&T Journals);
  7. Establishment, management and coordination of the National Science and Technology Museum (NSTM);
  8. Liaising with international and national organizations dealing with science, technology and innovation information and promotional activities.


  1. Technology Expo: To offer opportunity to Research / Tertiary Institutions, Inventors/Innovators to show case their R&D results, inventions and innovations for possible commercialization. It also offers R&D based industries the opportunity to promote their activities and encourage participation of industries in Science and Technology based products and services.
  2. Annual Science and Technology Summit: The summit aims at bringing stakeholders together with a view to charting the way forward to harness STI resources for National development.
  3. Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS): The Ministry collaborates with the Federal Ministry of Education to celebrate JETS yearly through the Department of Science and Technology Promotion
  4. International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO): The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO), is an annual competition in the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) for students under the age of 16 years who are still at the secondary school level to encourage and strengthen the learning and teaching of science, facilitate the comparison of syllabi amongst participating country.
  5. Young Nigerian Scientists Presidential Award: To effectively encourage youth participation in STI, at an annual celebration of young Nigerian Scientists to build Strong scientific base /foundation for Nigeria.
  6. Science Technology and Innovation News: To increase public awareness on the STI and how the activities of FMST are focused on the implementation targets of STI Policy and as a forum for the free flow of information on STI Policy and practice geared towards the achievement and sustenance of mutual understanding and synergy between the FMST and other sectors.
  7. Monthly Technical Seminar: The technical seminar will enhance capacity building of FMST staff and members of the general public in Science, Technology and Innovation.
  8. Science and technology Documentary: To produce documentation on Science and Technology Research and Development results across the nation, to move the country from a developing to an emerging economy through commercialization of R&D products
  9. Science Kits for Primary and Secondary Schools: To make practical/experimental aspect of the sciences easier for the students and to attain more enrolment in the field by the provision of the required apparatus.
  10. Technology Transfer Promotion Initiative: To facilitate the acquisition of Science and Technology knowledge for adaptation, utilization, replication and diffusion of technology towards eventually closing technology gaps
  11. Nigerian Science, Technology and Innovation Journal: To encourage active research in all spheres of Science and Technology as well as promote effective dissemination of information on research findings.
  12. Establishment of National Science and Technology Museum (NSTM): The NSTM is an interactive Centre, different from conventional Museums of “Please Look only”. In the NSTM, visitors will have the opportunity to “touch, dismantle, and re-assemble” items on display.
  13. Science Technology and Innovation Consultative Forum: To create opportunity to know and identify the needs of the various sectors and for the sectors to know the capabilities of the Nigeria STI sector. The Forum promotes relationship between STI Institutions, Industries / Entrepreneurs and Government.